גבינות קשות יושבות על מדף בחדר ההבשלה, ניתן להבחין בלחות באוויר ובצבעים השונים של הגבינות בהתאם לשלבי ההבשלה השונים

A selection of unique goat cheese made in our dairy.

no deliveries- we will update.


מבחר גבינות קשות ורכות על רקע נוף המדבק של חוות קורנמל

The selection of our dishes is based on our cheese, produced here in the farm, and based on the season, some produced especially for the restaurant as a high quality substance

What's going on the farm

גדי ואמו מביטים למצלמה האזניים הארוכות והאף מעידים על היותם עז אנגלו-נובית

All that you need to know about the farm

Info & Updates

The restaurant is working in a self service concept and according to COVID regulations (no sitting inside)

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday
10:00 – 17:30
Monday closed
We don't take reservations!

Kidding season had finished.
We offer a cheese platter and a selection of our production to take away for a picnic or to enjoy here with our relaxing desert view ❤️

Unfortunately our cheese stocks in the maturation rooms are limited, therefor there are no cheese for purchase on the store.

Currently we don't do cheese deliveries anymore- we will post again soon.

Kornmehl Farm is the first farm established on the Wine Trail.

Situated among magical views of the desert hills, the farm faces remnants of terraces of an ancient farm dating back to the Middle Bronze period (3000-4000 BC).

חוות קורנמל
עיזים בחוות קורנמל

We believe that the health of the goats and the quality of their milk, which is antibiotic and hormone free, comes from the constant attention we give to the goats living conditions and good feed.

The goats are milked daily in the milking parlor. The milk is then transferred to the dairy that was built by Anat & Daniel. 

There are many benefits to goat's milk:
The fat pellets are smaller in size and thus easier to digest,
& The protein structure is more suitable for digestion.
The Alpha CI protein recognized as an allergenic protein is not found in goat's milk.

נבחרת הגבינות הרכות שלנו- למעלה הגדולה- מיכל, מתחתיה- הגר והגר בעלי גפן ואחרונה חביבה- כתם. לידן ניצבת כוס יעל.

צרו קשר

ניתן להשאיר פרטים בטופס ונחזור אליכם בהקדם.


    ראשון, שלישי, רביעי, חמישי, שבת – 10:00-17:30

    שישי- 10:00-17:00

    מטבח נסגר חצי שעה קודם

    ימי שני  – סגור

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