Goat Cheese

A selection of high quality, unique cheeses made at the dairy

The Restaurant

A selection of dishes based on our cheeses are served at a pastoral restaurant


Anat Egber Kornmehl advises on goats and sheep breeding
Daniel Kornmehl advises on making artisanal cheeses

,All of our cheeses are made at the farm from whole goat's milk

!Now delivered to your door

Kornmehl Farm is the first farm established on the Wine Trail.d

Situated among magical views of the desert hills, the farm faces remnants of terraces of an ancient farm dating back to the Middle Bronze period (3000-4000 BC).C

We believe that the health of the goats and the quality of their milk, which is antibiotic and hormone-free, comes from the permanent attention we give to the goats living conditions and good feed.l

The goats are milked daily in the milking parlor. The milk is then transferred to the dairy that was built by Anat & Daniel.l


:There are many benefits to goat's milk
The fat pellets are smaller in size and thus easier to digest,l
& The protein structure is more suitable for digestion
The Alpha CI protein recognized as an allergenic protein is not found in goat's milk.l

Top quality

Many years of experience in cheese making

Deliveries Available

We distribute every week in most areas of the country

Whole goat's milk

All of our products based on whole Goat's milk only

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    שעות פעילות – 10:00-17:30

    ימי שני  – סגור

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